(Second of two parts)Forts and the Inbetween was an ambitious, if daffy, Kickstarter campaign whose flameout became an Internet meme. Their seven minute video presentation was outlandish enough, and the team behind it was goofy-looking enough, that it was impossible to tell whether it was a real fundraising campaign or a very sophisticated parody of […]

(First of two parts)Video content is widely considered to be generally superior to all traditional types of marketing content that came before it. Marketing videos are easier than ever for novice marketers and entrepreneurs to produce with utter seriousness. But making a slick promotional video to advance a poorly-conceived idea is putting the cart before […]

In most industries, companies come up with a product that is based on a successful client project. They may then refine the scope of the work in broader terms, offer it to the public or to their client list, and do it over again several more times.In architecture, it is generally frowned upon to repurpose an old […]

Sometimes you know better than your software does what you want to accomplish with it. Making your tools smarter and faster will make you more productive. Early word processing applications made hyphenation a no-brainer for typewriter and computer users. But today’s more sophisticated tools don’t always eliminate similar detail-relatd headaches that consume so much of […]

At the start of the year, I was amused by the glut of stories in the media about New Year’s resolutions: Not just segments on the big ones (like dieting, dating, working out, and losing weight), but also segments on how people could improve their success with achieving their New Year’s resolutions. A segment on […]

Video is an unwieldy medium for marketers. It provides a wide aperture for sending the wrong message. The overlooked or unmanaged detail can distract a viewer from the point the filmmaker was trying to make. The sophistication of the medium and the unprecedented availability of the tools can even give filmmakers too many options as […]

Near the end of 2012, the typical A/E/C marketer was still not finished with the website redevelopment project she had planned at the start of the year. What might have been a quick project dragged on indefinitely – due, no doubt, to the marketer’s attention being constantly diverted to proposals, and indifference or indecision from […]