Monthly Archives: August 2009

The Battle To Save Gropius’s Buildings Is A Battle To Remember Them

Just after I wrote my last post, I was sent this article in the Christian Science Monitor (“Battle to save Chicago’s Gropius architecture”  Reading it brought many different ideas and questions to mind.  This complex of hospital buildings, recently discovered to have been designed by Walter Gropius, were originally part of a hospital on […]

Telling The Story Behind The Story

I read an article in Barron’s that gave me a new insight onto a project I had written the summary for.  The article was about CVS/Caremark, and it mentioned that the company had become CVS/Caremark in 2007 when CVS, a retail pharmacy chain, acquired Caremark, a pharmacy-benefit management (PBM) company.  The article hinted at the synergies […]