Monthly Archives: November 2011

Governor Rick Perry And The Rule Of Three

Someone glibly said they were “having a Rick Perry moment” when they started to list three things and couldn’t remember the last one.  Who was it? Len Lipner? Mike Cohen? …Someone else I can’t remember? Well, you get the idea.  My friend Jason, a copywriter who’s never done stand-up comedy in his life, constantly repeats that […]

Giving Thanks: Reflecting On A Job Well Done

I thought of you on Thanksgiving night as I was getting into bed after a day of cooking and preparimg for dinner, and an evening of eating and entertaining, sitting at the head of my own dining table against the windows. This year I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my home. It was my girlfriend and […]

“What A Slogan!”: Stan Freberg Roasts The First Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks: It seems like everyone I talk to is looking for new work and actively reimagining their marketing. I think everyone recognizes, as I do, that October and November make up the window of opportunity that is starting to close right now. I have had a very busy couple of weeks.  I feel like a fish in […]