Monthly Archives: December 2011

Turning Back The Chaos

(Conclusion of a four-part series) You’ve decided to commit your time and the resources of your firm to putting together a proposal. You’ve justified staking your firm’s name, qualifications, and track record to the endeavor. You’ve solicited the content from your professional staff. Hopefully you’ll have a finished proposal completed and out the door very […]

Containing The Chaos

(Third in a series) You want proposals that are articulate, accurate, and on time? Pick Two! My last post talked about the chaos outside, but there are a lot of resources within your firm that you need to help you produce the best proposal you can. Not only will doing this better target the project […]

Anticipating The Chaos You Can’t Control

(second in a series) Can proposal chaos be tamed? Or is it so inherent to the task of winning business as to be ineradicable? Gripes from the trenches aren’t encouraging.Many of the marketers who shared their experiences at the the BSA Marketing/PR Wizards meeting do the majority of their work for large private institutions, municipalities, […]

Proposals: Controlling (Or Thriving On) Chaos?

(First in a series) “Proposal Hell” is usually what keeps people from attending the BSA’s Marketing/PR Wizards meetings. This month, for a change, it was the draw. The conference room of HMFH Architects, with its modern aesthetic of precast concrete, accent walls, and expansive glass windows provided a half-step between our rustic past at 52 […]