Thank you for taking a moment to visit us! Design-product Systems helps A/E/C  industry professionals and practice leaders communicate clearly and market efficiently.  Services include:

Design Storytelling – creating timely and accessible content about your design work and its impact to engage prospects, clients, and the public.

  • Clear and concise marketing communications for projects, portfolios, firm profiles, articles, and blog posts.
  • Industry-aware content writing that keeps your portfolio current, your website engaging customers, your proposals sharp, and your branding intelligent/clear.
  • Attentive content that complements your design and pictures. fixing ineffective writing and making room for powerful/good writing in your proposals, portfolio materials, and websites.
  • Strengthening the written component of your design presentations and company branding.

Marketing Systems – hands-on technical and procedural development to save time and ensure consistency in quality and message across all communications (proposals, web, outreach, and press)

Marketing Project Management – focused coordination of larger strategic marketing initiatives to help changing firms stay visible in both core and new markets

Please keep us in mind as you set your priorities for client development and marketing for your firm. Take a look at the resources here, and see how we attack marketing challenges over on our blog, The Design Marketer’s Workstation.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals for this year.  Meanwhile we can be reached at (617)-953-9979.


Michael Sweeney, CPSM

See The Latest A/E/C Marketing Insights At The Design Marketer’s Workstation

Michael Sweeney, CPSM
| Design-product Systems — “Marketing Excellence for Design Professionals” |
| 7 Brown Terrace, Suite 3-F | Boston, MA 02130 | (617)-953-9979 |
| LinkedIn: |

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