I’ve been pleased to start my new year off on a very exciting project that has me working on site at a client’s office, experiencing the culture, and getting valuable face time with decision makers (many of whom are already busy trying to balance a hundred things at once — and that’s a conservative number!). I, […]

Many thought 2012 would be the year they found their “voice” in the marketplace, as it should appear in traditional print and web forms and also in their social media channels. This “voice of the company” would differ in tone and topical interest from all the voices of the individuals within it. But the voice […]

On January 1rst, I saw this status update from a friend on Facebook:“I’ve finally realized how annoying all these blogs and tumblers and pinterest shit really are: I want to find the source of an awesome sweater that I want to get (one day, when I can afford it, but bookmark the shop for now) […]

A quick congratulations to the design firms that participated in the 2012 CANstruction competition.  This year saw a record number of participating firms (22), and plenty of recognition to go around. Here is a picture of one of the most distinctive (and best situated) entries: Payette’s super-sized “Slinky” made (almost) entirely from cans of sweet peas […]

In the last few business days of 2012, there are many things to process as I prepare for 2013. My email Inbox (which is almost alwys at capacity) needed a pruning. I recently viewed a lot of leftover messages from regular email marketers and LinkedIn Discussion Groups. These messages were only a fraction of all I […]

Reviewed: “Architecture Firm Websites: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” by Fred A. Bernstein – News – Architectural Record: http://archrecord.construction.com/news/2012/06/120625-Architecture-Firm-Websites-The-Good-The-Bad-The-Ugly.asp This article in the June issue of Architectural Record gave me déjà vu from its spaghetti Western subtitle on down. Though possibly quite illuminating to its A/E/C industry readership, much of what was in it is well-known […]

People and organizations are put to the test when key players get sick. This is no less true when the key player is a computer. Last month my primary work computer contracted a nasty virus that took several days to recover from. I was indeed put to the test, and here’s how I showed up: I […]