Design-product Systems is available to present to student and alumni groups, classes, college career services events, career fairs, and trade associations. Design-product Systems Principal Michael Sweeney, CPSM has presented to students at Endicott College, to small business owners and marketing professionals at The Boston Society Of Architects’s Small Practices Network, and  annual Build Boston conference.

Finding Traditional Work With A Non-Traditional Background: What Were You Thinking?!

Many career changers re-enter the job market with newly acquired skills and credentials in search of a traditional career path. For all-too-human reasons, many don’t recognize that taking stock of their non-traditional characteristics can determine success or failure. Thought-provoking questions, and reflections about starting your new design career.

Resume Takeaways: Seven Ways To Make Employers See Your Strengths And Accept Your Limitations

Resume writing is not the confidence building exercise it may once have been. These days, resumes are read by computers and filtered by search algorithms. And when they’re handled by a person at all, it’s usually a low-level recruiter who is hurriedly looking for a specific hard skill or a specified number of years of experience.

It may be tempting to pile on the keywords, buzzwords, and cliches in order to get through this artificially intelligent system. However, a resume is still an important device for making your career attractive to serious-minded human evaluators. Here are just a few tips for making your resume show what you really have to offer.

Resume Takeaways


Design-product Marketing: An Alternative Path to Branding and Portfolio Development

Writing clearly about your design ideas and ongoing projects is a challenge you will face throughout your career – your professional training and employment.

In this discussion of Design-product Marketing basics, we address issues like:

  • Overcoming the negatives of being unlicensed or a non-citizen architect
  • Getting the most “wow” out of your background to stand out from other candidates
  • Recognizing your strong suits and weak areas
  • marketing your background, past work, and special skills with confidence

Michael Sweeney, CPSM pioneered Design-product Marketing™, a methodology for design professionals that helps them clearly and effectively present their projects, skills and careers through resumes, design portfolios, web sites, and project sheets.  He has helped individuals at all levels of experience put their careers on track and put their brand in focus.

Presentations can be geared to audiences at all levels of industry training and experience, from high school students to senior principals. Contact us to discuss presenting at your next career development event, staff development program, convention, or career fair.


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